Teddy Crawford Book Cover Image 5-11-16… a skill that will enable you to make appropriate split-second decisions, based on your assessment of situations where the slightest delay could result in catastrophe, danger, or even death. You will experience positive shifts in your thinking and perception, and learn to shake off the shackles of fear, distrust and uncertainty.

Your life will take on new meaning, as you begin to incorporate habits pertaining to wellness, physical fitness and mind development into your daily routines.

Think of the mom pushing her baby home in a stroller, moving boldly to beat off a charging, vicious pit bull, or the bling-laden celebrity, forced to protect his or her body guard who is seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident or a collapsed stage.

A chapter is dedicated to celebrities, and all who enjoy the services of a body guard or personal assistant: actors, singers, rappers, radio & television personalities, talk-show hosts, sports men and women…What if [God forbid], your body guard is rendered immobile or disabled, due to accident, stage collapse or whatever… would “role-reversal be out of the question? …

I have laid out practical, clear, easy-to-follow moves and maneuvers that you may use to outwit an aggressor, defend against random street attacks, and ward off vicious loose pit bulls.

You’ll learn the secrets to activating the “Warrior-self” and transform in an instant from a prospective victim to a defender and protector of yourself and your loved ones. You will learn to function at a very high level, even under extremely stressful conditions.

You will love the new You!

“Over the last few months, I’ve actively refrained from watching the news and reading the newspaper. So many violent acts dominate the headlines. Before reading this book, I tried to deny or ignore what was happening. I was resigned to the idea that these events would happen at random and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Right Foot First gave me the kick that I needed to take command of my own circumstances. I plan to share this with the people I love so that they can do the same. Teddy’s unique perspective is worth checking out. It’s practical and achievable. ”

Richard A. Gibbs