We provide two signature services. Choose the one that best fits your situation and goals. Contact me if additional information will be helpful.

  1. Right Foot First Consulting and Training and Speaking
    Any perfect day can be totally ruined by an unexpected encounter with a pit bull or thug. With my Right Foot First Program, you learn to prepare yourself so you know what to do if that happens, and to survive unscathed. Members of your organization learn important lessons that enable them to master the art of “Snap-Prioritizing” – my proprietary method that enables you to react quickly and make appropriate split-second decisions, where the slightest delay could result in catastrophe, danger, or even death. You will experience positive shifts in your thinking and perception, and learn to shake off the shackles of fear, distrust and uncertainty.

    Contact me to discuss how we can work together to keep your staff and organization members safe.

  2. The 3 Easy Steps to Success:
    Overcome the “Fear of Doing”, negative self-consciousness, stage-fright, limiting habits and procrastination. This program is for you if these are:

    1. Holding you back
    2. Keeping you from the success you want, and
    3. Keeping you from bringing your passion to life

      You’ll learn the 3 easy steps to overcoming these through music, spoken expression and drama. Flexible days and times, including Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

      You can also learn how guitar music is a gateway to awakening your creativity and positive productive thinking, and to relieving stress, depression and inertia.

      If you want to learn music and to play an instrument, instruments are available free of charge.

      Take advantage of our “Buddy program” that allows you and a family member or friend to do all sessions with you free of charge. Programs are conducted in a comfortable, stress-free setting.