[How…? By going “out of your way” to NOT make another motorist angry]

I know that for some people, the idea in itself is enough to make their blood boil; and that, precisely, is my point.
You see, everybody wants to be RIGHT, forgetting that there’s more “peaceful milage” to be gained by being KIND.

On July 7, 2017, in New Jersey, two motorists get into a scuffle in the middle of the street. One driver reaches into the other’s vehicle, takes up a small dog from the seat (or floor) and throws it to the ground, before speeding off! ..Come on! not even in the movies…

I am not an expert in the field of human behavior. PERSONAL SAFETY is my thing. And let me tell you: if you drop the “ROAD” from the sometimes violent, vicious behavior under discussion, you still would encounter a lot of people with “RAGE” enough to spare. Rage and anger due to “issues” far distant from a fender-bender, or a “sudden stop” etc…on the highway.


Surprisingly, the solution(s) has to do with a shift in our own attitude and habits as we drive to and from our destinations. [not blaming anyone for anything 🙂
Some of my suggestions may seem unrelated but will in the long run, contribute to the success of the overall strategy: AVOIDING / ENDING ROAD-RAGE.

Try the following:
Do everything in your power to take to the road with calm spirits and a kind pleasant non-judgmental attitude.

Give yourself an extra 30 minutes to get to your destination, it
reduces the likelihood of your NOT LETTING ANOTHER MOTORIST THROUGH.
With enough TIME ON YOUR HAND, you are MORE PATIENT,

Finally, LET GO of the following “ATTITUDES(?)” and experience an instant POSITIVE SHIFT IN YOUR ROAD EXPERIENCE from now on.

1. The idea that any part of the street [even in front of your house], belongs to you, and that someone might take “YOUR” parking spot.

2. Resist the urge to look sideways [menacingly], as you overtake a driver whom you think was holding up traffic.

3. Some daredevil motorist speeds up and pulls into the lane in front of you: be grateful that he/she did not collide with your vehicle; DO NOT SAY “SHE CUTS ME OFF”… cut you off what?

4. A cop signals you to pull over; do not be too quick to start reciting every single one of your constitutional rights. Pull into a well-lit area, maintain your composure; A pleasant: “Good day Officer, may I help?” is more likely to result in a different outcome than: “What the *&%^#@ did I do now?” [ not saying to give up any of your rights]

Avoid forming negative opinion of others, maintain a pure kind heart toward all, until you learn enough to act otherwise!

Please share with family and friends, and leave a comment and your own thoughts on the matter!

Until next week,
Take The Step…Love The New YOU

Teddy Crawford

Teddy Crawford

Right Foot First Initiatives

I’ve spent over a decade in law enforcement, seeing hundreds of crimes and talking directly to criminals about why they target certain victims. And now I’ve dedicated myself to bringing this message to the world, to
stand against the cycle of fear and violence by teaching self-awareness and confidence.