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Regular readers know that most of what I “talk” about on this page and on my blog [], has to do with PERSONAL SAFETY!.

I offer suggestions that may be of value; may guide the way you think and respond, so as to totally avoid or minimize injury in emergencies of any kind.

With the tragic incident of the school shooting in Florida still fresh in our minds, I thought it a good idea to re-direct our attention and focus on hints and tips that you may find useful, if [God forbid] you get caught in a “live shooter” situation.

This is a re-post of an earlier article.

Published by Teddy Crawford · October 12, 2017 ·


The reality is, there may be very little or nothing you can do in the moments immediately following explosions from gunfire or other types of explosives.

First rule: Get down. Stay down. Collect your thoughts and bearings.

Get about thinking through a few possibilities from wherever you may be laying or crouching etc

I can say from personal experience [my Law enforcement years] that there is just no telling exactly how you or anyone else might react to a sudden barrage of gunfire. I mean, there is no way to plan on doing this or doing that if gunshots erupt, as you walk to or from work, home, the gym; out on a date, jogging in the park…wherever.

Even trained men and women will admit that the initial mind/body reaction to gunfire is reflexive. Of course, a trained person, for example: members of the military, police personnel etc, will recover their bearings much, much quicker than civilians.

The tried and true approach is that once you realize that you are caught up in a active shooter situation, get down, stay low, gather your thoughts, with your own heart racing and people running for cover; try to steady your nerves. Stay put until you think based on your own assessment that it is safe to move.

Follow the direction of the Police, or other security personnel; but always give thought to your every move. Don’t just run blindly around. Clear thinking under such conditions is not an easy state of mind to maintain… But recklessness and unplanned movements will likely get you killed!…Blunt but true.

The reality is that, as scary and terrifying as the situation may be, your desire to LIVE, avoid serious physical injuries, should drive and empower you to summon up the will and mindset; make you overcome seemingly impossible odds and make it home safely to your loved ones.

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Teddy Crawford

Teddy Crawford

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