PSM…[Personal Safety Mindset]


In a previous post I suggested that it is a good idea for us to engage our child(ren) ie: [kindergarten to grad school], in conversations about safety rules/ habits at school, on the street, Date-night etc.

“Safety rules/ habits” include (any) action or thought frequently applied /practiced with the intent to prevent and or evade danger, harm or accident to self or others.

Here’s the strategy for children: Kindergarten – 4th grade… use the term RULES. At this age they tend to follow rules without much push back J

Children in 5th grade thru High School… use the term: AGREEMENT. At this “stage” they thrive / enjoy breaking rules sometimes to their peril [seriously]

College & beyond you can revert back to RULES.

By now they (hopefully) learn the value of following rules. Or,

Read through with them [females] my post: FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS GO OFF ALONE WITH A STRANGER [even if he’s “hot”] go to: @TeddyCrawfordOfficial

 The whole SAFETY RULES/ HABITS exercise can be fun, and will yield great value/benefit over time. Just don’t make SAFETY RULES conversations sound like more homework; don’t give them anything to write down.

Just constant reminders based on your own life experiences, and sadly, the violent attacks happening in schools nowadays.   For example you may begin with:

“Remember to watch out for …”

“Pay attention to….”

If this happens, first thing you do is…”

“Remember the number to call if…”

What you are doing really is training your child(ren) to ACTIVATE THEIR INNER SAFETY-RESPONSE MODE!

We all hear stories of 3 year-olds who dial 911 and get help for a mom or dad who was rendered helpless by a fall or some other debilitating condition.

That kind of response did not just “happen.”

At some point that child was given the to do “rule” not just once, but over and over until it become embedded in his/ her psyche.

In my book RIGHT FOOT FIRST…[A practical guide to personal safety, wellness, awareness & keeping fit for life] I devoted a chapter to teaching how to train, practice and master the ability to “ACTIVATE THE WARRIOR MODE” … A skill that will serve you well in fending off aggression, overcoming seemingly impossible odds; protecting you and loved ones from physical/ potentially life-threatening dangers.

You can download this chapter for free:  You will also find the services I offer, including a free consult to discuss your options in learning the Safety Mindset!

Thanks for reading.  Please share out to family and friends, and leave me a comment or your own thoughts on the subject.

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Teddy Crawford

Teddy Crawford

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