Whether you travel by plane, train, or automobile… [Couldn’t resist using that line J] on a bike, or on foot…

No matter how well you slept the night before; you sang in tune in the shower, and smile from ear-to-ear as you leave for work…


Chances are though, a slightly “different you” will emerge by the time you arrive at your workplace.


In your office building, on the elevator, in the hallways; you wave and nod politely; you manage to hold a pleasant smile in place, as you make your way to your desk or workstation.


You sit, put away your stuff, look up at the roof and swear…

You utter [softly, so co-workers won’t hear], words and expressions that would make your own parents consider dis-owning youJ!


Time and again, co-workers and even supervisors will draw their own [inaccurate] conclusions; as to why you are always seem grumpy, edgy, and out-of-sorts in the mornings….


”Come on, we all have issues! Why bring it to work?…”


THE FACT IS: Most of the time, employees’ foul mood at the office/workplace on any given day, [except on a Friday J maybe] have very little, or nothing to do with job-related issues like long work hours, short lunch breaks, cramped quarters, miserable supervisors, nosy co-workers…[I could go on].


Rest assured, you are not alone.

A large number of the working population experience significant mood-shifts, [from pleasant to unpleasant] between their home and their destination almost on a daily basis.


In many instances, the reason is:





Or more accurately, the “travel-experience” between your home and work.


No matter how lovely your morning, once you step out onto the street; there is the likelihood you will encounter a “frustrating situation” with your name written on it, during your commute to work.


Wait…it gets worse!


Because everything moves so quickly in big cities across the nation, it is close to impossible for anyone to predict/ forecast [Never mind prepare for] what may happen on the streets, on public transportation, in subways etc., on any given day.


From my own experience, I can say that Law enforcement personnel wish that just like weather forecasters, they would get it wrong sometimes. Meaning that there would be incident-free days occasionally.


No way!




Unprovoked attacks, Assaults, robberies, knife/razor slashing, rape, kidnapping, building collapse, fire, train derailment.


At the community level add:

Loose untrained pit bull on your block, icy unsalted sidewalks, traffic jam, crowded city buses, trains taken out of service, express trains suddenly going local.


Enough to spoil what you thought was going to be a beautiful day.




Learn PSM [Personal Safety Mindset]


Become less of a target

Learn to activate your inner warrior mode

Learn to snap-prioritize


A set of skills that will teach you how to maintain your calm, remain levelheaded and unfazed; remain safe and in control even in potentially dangerous situations.

You will feel the difference right away.



Teddy Crawford

Teddy Crawford

Right Foot First Initiatives

I’ve spent over a decade in law enforcement, seeing hundreds of crimes and talking directly to criminals about why they target certain victims. And now I’ve dedicated myself to bringing this message to the world, to
stand against the cycle of fear and violence by teaching self-awareness and confidence.