I do not engage in the “Politics” / heated discussions that inevitably follow minor or major acts of violence: road rage, slashing, rape, mass shooting etc.

For example, if you and your child(ren), spouse, family member or friends got caught in a shootout between rival factions on your block or at the mall; the last thing on your mind would be thinking whether or not the guns were purchased across state lines; were the guns bought legally or not? what was the mental state of the gunmen? Did the gun store owners carry out the necessary background investigations? etc…

Let me state the obvious:

The articles that myself and others who do and write about things like this are designed [based on our experiences], to provide helpful advice; simple yet effective strategies to surviving any situation that pose potential physical danger or even death to you and loved ones.

In my posts and youtube videos [Teddycrawford PSM] teach you how to survive that dreadful (real-time) face-to-face encounter with an heartless thug intent on doing you physical harm.

Here’s the catch: None of the posts, articles, youtube videos is of any worth if YOU do not invest a few minutes of your time to [at least] take a look, see if any of it make sense / may prove useful to you; Is there one bit of advice you could instill in a child that may teach her / him how to respond in an emergency.

Thanks for reading. Please share out and leave me a comment! ..Until next time Safe’s the word!