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Becoming less of a target


Activating your inner Warrior Mode


Learning to Snap-Prioritize

Picture this:

You’re walking to meet a friend. You’re running late, so you pull out your phone to let her know. While you’re texting her, you pull up the map just to double-check where you’re going.

You hear footsteps behind you. At first you think nothing of it, but there’s something weird about the sound you just can’t place.

Then someone steps into your path and you stumble. Looking up, you start to apologize to the man you walked into when you realize he’s staring at you, no trace of surprise on his face.

You take a step back, confused.

That’s when you notice there’s a knife in his hand.


Stay quiet and this will go better for you”, he says.


How do you react?


Does your mind go blank with panic?

Or do you move seamlessly into that little place inside of you that’s always clear, calm, and ready to respond?


It’s hard to know exactly how you’ll react until you’re already in that critical moment. But by then it may be too late, and the wrong choice can leave you hurt or worse.

This is why training yourself to think quickly and calmly in a crisis is crucial.

While it takes practice, learning the right mindset can allow anyone—regardless of age or size—to be prepared for random attacks. You can learn it yourself, teach it to your friends, and use it to help your family become street smart. And that means less worry and more safety all around.

There are three main practices I teach to help achieve the mindset you need. These easy techniques help you instantly snap into your highest states of self awareness, mental alertness, situational clarity, and fearlessness.


         Becoming less of a target

         Activating your inner Warrior Mode

         Learning to Snap-Prioritize

Are you ready to activate your inner warrior?

Pick the way that works for you:

Private Training

Learn as thoroughly and quickly as possible

Have Me Speak

Reach a maximum number of people at once

Read the Book

Learn by yourself on the go

Private Coaching

Hands-on self-defense training available at a convenient Manhattan location / or at location of clients choosing [by arrangement]

Training is by far the best way to make sure the principles stick. At the location of your choice, I’ll come and work through the mindset and some simple strategies to help you deal effectively with everything from attacks to physical violence survival & prevention strategies.


PSM (Personal Safety Mindset) Coaching Packages:

Personalized consultation:

How to cope with, prevent, and survive domestic violence, spousal abuse, date–rape. In this personalized consultation we will work on your mindset to cope and not become a victim again. When it comes to staying safe, knowledge is power… and hands-on practice is priceless.


PSM Mastery:

This Unique approach combines PSM training with a super effective and easy to master 3-part hands-on Self-defense course! 9 hours are broken down in the following way: Becoming less of a target – learn techniques and strategies to be less of a target and prevent attacks (Two sessions 90 min. each), Learn to Snap-Prioritize – learn to identify situations and train yourself to be aware and react quickly to avoid bad situations (Two sessions 90 min. each), and Activate your inner Warrior Mode – taking the skills from our other sessions, it is now time to unlock your confidence and bring out your inner Warrior Mode (Two sessions 90 min. each). Extremely valuable for Late- night employees! No special clothing required.


PSM Intensive

This course is a total of 3 hours. This intensive program consists of elements taught in the PSM Mastery in a condensed format. Includes hands–on self-defense training. No special clothing required.

These trainings are perfect for: Professionals, Executives, Night-shifters, etc… whose work require traveling late hours.

When it comes to staying safe, knowledge is power… and hands-on practice is priceless. Whether you’re a professional wanting to gain confidence or a mother looking to pass these skills onto your children, I’m here to make it happen.

Have Me Speak

Are you ready to pass on the message? If you want to reach as many people at once in a short amount of time, consider having me speak to a group of friends, community members, or coworkers. It’s a great way to share the concepts and principles behind Personal Safety Mindset without the commitment of private training.

I can easily tailor this training to the unique problems of you or your group, with sample situations and responses that are appropriate for what you might encounter. This training is perfect for:

  • Schools

  • Church groups

  • Offices

  • Community associations

Here are some of my most popular topics:

Protect Yourself: Learn the Mindset

Do you live in the city and use public transit to get around? Do you ever feel nervous when you’re walking home? Be prepared before something bad happens and it’s already too late.. This talk is about how to protect yourself in a crisis, and better yet how to deter trouble before it happens.


Protect Your Family: Teach the Mindset

If you have children, the thought of activating your Warrior Self when your kids are in trouble probably doesn’t feel too far away. But what about when you’re not around to protect them? This talk teaches you how to teach the mindset and create a culture of safety in your family and even your community.


Defeat Your Fears: What’s Holding You Back?

Have you read Right Foot First but are still struggling to let go of your fears and embrace your inner confidence? This talk is about going deep, finding the root of what’s blocking you, and addressing it—so you can walk lighter and embrace the power that’s already inside of you.


Have a particular topic in mind? Let’s talk!

Read the Book

This is where most people start their journey to confidence. In Right Foot First, you’ll learn how to mentally prepare yourself to handle dangerous encounters by embracing a mindset I call the ‘Warrior Self.’

There’s no need to take any self-defense classes or buy weapons or tools to start implementing the skills I teach. Together, we’ll walk through specific scenarios and I’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to handle them—as well as a few strategies you can apply regardless of the situation.

You don’t need to live in fear and uncertainty anymore. It’s time to put responsibility for your safety back where it belongs—with yourself.

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