Meet Teddy Crawford

It all started back when I was a cop.

Right from the beginning of what would become 13 years on the force, things became heavy fast. I gained first-hand insight into some of the most vicious, brutal violent actions including physical abuse and murder. My duties ranged from being first on the scene of muggings and violent crimes, to even weekly duties at the morgue observing postmortems carried out on the bodies of crime victims.

The Early Days

At first the countless stories of people—women especially—being randomly attacked by miscreants, thugs, and even pit bulls was overwhelming. Even when I responded the second a call came in, it was often too late to stop the attack itself, which could happen in an instant with no warning.

Sometimes I would get assigned to guard criminals who were in the hospital. We’d be trapped with only each other’s company for hours on end. As time stretched on, the tedium started to grow until we found ourselves talking.

Eventually I worked up the courage to ask a man why he chose the target he had. To my surprise, he answered—and the choice was far from random.

“She wasn’t paying attention to where she was going,” he told me, but would say no more.


The Seed of a Movement

I started to talk to more of the people I was assigned to guard. After only a few such sessions, a pattern became quickly apparent. Muggers and rapists don’t target just anyone—they look for the weak and the vulnerable first.

This led to an “Aha!” moment for me. What if I could help people make themselves less of a target? Half the time it was as easy as teaching you to hold your head up high, be aware of your surroundings, and send off clear signals that you’re not easy prey.

Over the following years this idea grew. As a 40-year practitioner of martial arts, I came to realize that even once you’re already in a crisis situation, the key to surviving may not necessarily be to pull out a few karate chops. Calmly assess the situation and respond in a way that will most likely get you out safe and unharmed.


Spreading the Word

Out of this my book Right Foot First was born. My goal is to provide simple strategies based on real situations, in a form that women the world over can access affordably and start applying quickly.

Right Foot First is just one way for me to spread the word of street smarts. Along with speaking and training, I’m committed to teaching you how to stop living in fear and start putting your safety back into your own hands.


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