P.S.M….. 3 Letters. Loaded!

Personal Safety Mindset:
(1). Becoming less of a target
(2). Activating your inner Warrior Mode
(3). Learning to Snap- Prioritize

Each school day my grand daughter and I,
[By agreement] have this exchange of texts:

Granddaughter: “Pappy I’m on the bus”

Me: “K”

[10 – 15 minutes later.]

“Pappy I’m getting off the bus”

Me: “P S M…”

Of late I know better than to expect a text-back to that one ☺

For the past 2 months or so, she stopped texting a response to my “PSM” reminder. She told me that I don’t need to remind her anymore. How come?
“I remember as soon as I step off the bus”

Parents/ guardians, this is the place you want the child(ren)under your care to be.
Safety – practices become second nature.
They learn, and are able to “rev up” to a higher level of alertness, awareness and “smarts” on demand.

In that state of mind, your child is, much, much less likely to fall victim to crime, scams, abuse, kidnapping, and all of the unpleasant things we read, hear about and see on he news.

Now, notice; I did not mention PSM when my granddaughter texted that she was on the bus.
Reason: The bus driver and his assistant’s responsibilities [should] include seeing to the safety of the children while they are on the school bus.

Once your child(ren) gets off the school bus, the lessons that you taught them about playing it safe, kicks in.

Once she gets off the bus, my granddaughter switches from the playful, carefree 5th grader, to an alert, aware, present- minded individual making the short trek home.

She does not [need to] exhibit any unusual action or behavior, as she walks home; Does not glance suspiciously at every person she passes, she does not grab and hurl a garbage can at a stray pet dog on an unfenced lawn. …
But she sees all of that! …
She remains present! And that is key!

Remember, PSM the Personal Safety Mindset, is really a set of behaviors, simple habits that with practice, will take root; like attention to hygiene: take a shower, brush teeth, wear your helmet when biking, wash your fruits etc…

If you have a safety routine that you and your child(ren) engage in, please share it with us.
For more about PSM, see more posts at : info@teddycrawford

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.
Take The Step. Love The New You!

Teddy Crawford

Teddy Crawford

Right Foot First Initiatives

I’ve spent over a decade in law enforcement, seeing hundreds of crimes and talking directly to criminals about why they target certain victims. And now I’ve dedicated myself to bringing this message to the world, to
stand against the cycle of fear and violence by teaching self-awareness and confidence.