…But what exactly is it?

P. S. M. [Personal Safety Mindset],in essence, is a strong unwavering belief that the ultimate responsibility for YOUR SAFETY rests with you… After all, IT IS YOUR LIFE! …

Here’s an example:  You are awakened at night by suspicious sounds in your home.  You suspect that there is a burglar in the house. You quietly reached for your cell phone and dialed 911.

Until such time as it takes the police to show up, YOU MUST BE PREPARED TO PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST THE INTRUDER(S).

That is where PSM [The Personal Safety Mindset] will serve you best.   Once learned, you will feel EMPOWERED; experience a expanded sense of wellbeing, confidence and poise, an ability to quickly assess a situation, no matter how daunting, and apply an appropriate get-away / evasive strategy. [

Let me be clear: I am not suggesting that you take the law into your own hands. On the contrary, I know from my experiences in law enforcement, that the actions of those who have mastered or is practicing the principles of P.S.M, will contribute to the effectiveness of the Police and other law enforcement personnel in an emergency.

This [P.S.M] approach to taking control and LIVING A FEAR-FREE LIFE , comes with with your acknowledging that we are living in uncertain / unpredictable times.

Observe what happens when a vehicle back-fires on a busy street, or when there’s a “smoke-condition” in the subways. All pretense of courage is quickly replaced by anxiety, fear, confusion and on most people’s mind the question that lurks [not so deep] in the subconscious: “Another terrorist attack”? “Another shooting?” etc…

The fact of the matter is, you can not predict everything, but learning the Personal Safety Mindset, with a few simple ,easily learned principles, you can be ready for almost anything that may pop up and potentially cause you or loved ones serious physical harm.

If you are a single mom who dread the thought of being confronted by a loose, untrained pit bull as you take your child(ren) home; a Professional woman who leaves the office at odd hours and fear traversing the underground parking garage by yourself; Do you go for walks, or jog alone?…

I invite you check out any or all of my previous posts in this space on the subject of PERSONAL SAFETY and HOW TO ACT/ RESPOND. make a little hand book of those that you think resonate with you and read thru again and again!…

Or, you may read for free, a complete chapter of my book: Right Foot First [A practical guide to personal safety, wellness, awareness and keeping fit for life]


Teddy Crawford

Teddy Crawford

Right Foot First Initiatives

I’ve spent over a decade in law enforcement, seeing hundreds of crimes and talking directly to criminals about why they target certain victims. And now I’ve dedicated myself to bringing this message to the world, to
stand against the cycle of fear and violence by teaching self-awareness and confidence.