PSM…[Personal Safety Mindset]
Women/Young Ladies: Take heed!
Don’t stand, or sit or lay down for it!…The beating, or ANY kind of physical abuse from spouse / boyfriend / date / room-mate / classmate!

Firm, “NO HITTING / NO PHYSICAL ABUSE” rules / boundaries MUST BE SET and maintained from the very outset of a relationship.
There is a very, very narrow window of opportunity during the early stages of dating; [before common sense gives way to “love -feelings”], when you should look squarely into your date’s eyes and let him know you will not put up with or tolerate even the threat of physical abuse.
NO MATTER HOW SLIGHT! #personalsafetymindset

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Teddy Crawford

Teddy Crawford

Right Foot First Initiatives

I’ve spent over a decade in law enforcement, seeing hundreds of crimes and talking directly to criminals about why they target certain victims. And now I’ve dedicated myself to bringing this message to the world, to
stand against the cycle of fear and violence by teaching self-awareness and confidence.